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I am a 24 year old Australian woman… My family are Palestinian Christians living in Israel. It’s truly terrifying that media only shows you the perspective they want you to see. We are being conditioned to accept what we see and read in media is truth. It’s what the government wants us to believe. There are children dying

If only we knew !!!

Every day in Palestine, they are being arrested like criminals for defending what little land they have left. Being shot in the head for throwing rocks. We need to question how and why this is happening ? How are we letting this happen? Why are we allowing the Israeli government win ? Have we not learnt any thing ?

All I ask of you is to open your mind and educate yourselves !!!

Please watch at least these two videos !!



HZT-ao: 我们在一起两年多了~ 经历了那么多的喜怒哀乐, 我是个男人,在舞台上受伤对我来说算什么你们还不知道吗? 不要再担心啦~ 好好休息明天演唱会见

"We’ve been together for more than two years~ Been through a lot of ups and downs, I’m a man, you guys still don’t know what getting injured on stage means to me? Don’t worry~ Rest well and meet you guys at the concert tomorrow ♡"

focus his bracelet. I think he trying to say ”that’s my hand dear shippers” in the video

oohsehun: Goodnight. 

tao’s bracelet ;;

oohsehun: Goodnight.

tao’s bracelet ;;